SoulseekQT Mac


You can find your favorite music and get in touch with users with whom you share interests thanks to SoulseekQT, the P2P client that succeeds SoulSeek


P2P download client specialized in downloading music

December 30, 2019
8 / 10

Napster opened the door to programs to exchange files based on the P2P protocol. Just after it appeared, these download clients started becoming very popular, being Soulseek one of the first ones to do so. We can still make use of it nowadays thanks to SoulseekQT, its direct successor.

One of the favorite programs for downloading music.

Although it can be used to exchange any kind of file, it's mainly used to download music. It allows us to search for files using different criteria, including chat rooms. You can now find rooms about specific music styles, being able to locate users with whom you share interests.

Main features

  • P2P download client.
  • Area to control the downloads.
  • Different search criteria.
  • Suggestions for similar and related files.
  • Chat rooms.

Committed to privacy

One of the features of SoulseekQT that its developers boast about teh most is the absence of malware and spyware. This is just one of the reasons why it is chosen by so many users when it comes to downloading music.

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